We help you put your business together

We are small team who work with you to get you set up to do the thing you want to do. We offer design, development and marketing.
We set up websites, but we also tweak, adjust and improve existing websites, because we get it, starting a business is about getting to your first paying customer as fast as possible. We are here to help you make the most out of your website and digital presence, and to be successful, because being your own boss is awesome.
It’s really common to be pulled in multiple directions when trying to figure out how to get your business going. We help you navigate what makes sense for your business, and help you find your people, the ones who are interested in what your business has to offer. We help you to get what you need to succeed, and help you get on the track for success. We use a combination of strategies to build and grow your audience, build your funnel and drive conversions. 💰
As a media company with our own sites, we know what it takes to get started and build your business into something that replaces your 9-5. We help entrepreneurs create their dream job, working for themselves. Do you want to build a business and change your life? Come with us, let’s make it happen.

Meet Our Team

We’re a small, friendly team that works with you to get your project done fast and within budget. In fact, we’re quite a small team indeed, why hire three people when you can just hire me!



Customer Support Wizard

I mean, he’s pretty good, for a dog. He’s enthusiastic at the very least.


Owner & Creative Director

Ingrid has been working in tech since before she sensibly should have because she’s a semi-secret nerd. A graphic designer by trade and a software developer by training, she’s been a passionate entrepreneur since she made her first eBay sale in 2001.




Elvira has a knack for technology and seems to know things. One of those stereotypical night owl developers. Just kidding, she’s a cat.

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