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The Vancouver annual Signal + Noise Media Art Festival celebrated independent media artists from around the world.


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Signal + Noise Media Art Festival
Signal + Noise Festival

About this Project

We worked with the Signal + Noise Festival for several years, updating their website for the coming festival year with their theme, programming and sponsorship info.

The Signal + Noise Festival was the kind of festival where you could take your non-art school friends and blow their minds, it was incredible. Held in a small venue of Main St, Vancouver, it was chic, edgy and visually interesting with a huge variety of super cool exhibits, ranging from films shown in dark rooms to individual media experiences with headsets.

WordPress Development

Each year the website was built with WordPress, to make it easy for them to update themselves, but with a new WordPress theme custom developed to match the festival’s theme for the year.

Technical Services

When we first started working with the festival, it was difficult to see the sites from previous years, although they were still set up. We created an archive of the past years’ websites and set it up so that they were able to easily access them from their main site.

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Signal + Noise Festival

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