Miscellaneous work

These are some assorted samples from smaller projects we’ve worked on over the years.

Landscaper - Brand Identity

This Vancouver-based excavation, drainage and demolition company wanted to set themselves apart from their competitors. They offer professionalism and trustworthiness in a field where that isn’t always the case. They use only a brochure website as most of their work is in-person and they’re already very busy. They used this logo mark on their trucks and excavation equipment and their website.

Womens ERG Logo Design

This logo was created for a tech company’s internal Women’s ERG (Employee Resource Group).

KateSQL Logo Design

This logo was created for a tech company’s internal team who already had an idea of what they wanted for the logo, and we took what they had and turned it into a scalable vector logo that works in a variety of applications, by creating versions for small and large scale use cases.

Print Magazine Design

This Australian Finance Company had wanted to increase their reach using a print campaign in a real estate periodical, and needed a magazine advertisement created for them. We used their existing visual assets and edited their supplied copy to be more reader-friendly.

Environmental reports

Power Projects in BC Brochure

This brochure was designed for NGO Legal organization West Coast Environmental Law to highlight some of the potential environmental impacts from Independent Power Producers in BC.

Real Estate Agent - Identity Design

This brand identity was created for Vancouver real estate agent who was new to the business and wanted to make a splash with her branding. Connie asked us to create a visual identity that was urban and uniquely Vancouver. We created a brand that was uniquely Connie, combining her love of urban settings, keys and her tagline “Own it”. It was used for her print materials, advertising, cards, and in print publication Xtra West.

Vancouver Real Estate Agent Branding

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