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Fishing Resort

New management for an established fishing resort needed some customers for the rapidly approaching fishing season. With brand new boats, updated facilities and a breathtaking remote location on the west coast of BC, we used social media advertising to showcase their unique offering.


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West Coast Fishing Boat

How we helped

From needing customers to a sold out season, this is how we strategically used digital marketing to grow their following and fill those trips:

People love to fish, but having people choose a remote destination like Kyoquot BC takes a little work. When you have the best boats, amazing fishing, planes to get them there and a stunning location, sometimes you just have to let people know you exist.

The resort had recently changed ownership, and their name, and so their TripAdvisor reviews were gone. They needed to get some people into trips quickly because they had been closed for the previous season. They had a list of emails that they weren’t sure if they could use or not.  

Our multi-platform social media campaign was used to grow their following on Twitter and Facebook. We made use of demographic insights and retargeting engaged users. We created a Google Adwords campaign to capture traffic from search and drive them to their website.

Market Research

Using demographics and past visitor data, we knew where our audience was, and where they’d consider going for fishing trips.

We targeted users in BC and AB, to consider a trip to Kyoquot, BC instead of other potential destinations such as Alaska, and the Northern US states such as WA, OR and CA.

Email Marketing

When you haven’t used your email list for a long time, you have to make sure the people on your list are still happy to receive messages from you. We helped them build a landing page and revive their list using Mailchimp, and grow their list for the future and ensuring consent from all the recipients.

Facebook Campaign

Using (Meta) Facebook’s demographic insights and audience tools, we created a targeted campaign for their potential customers and grew their page’s audience, likes and follows by more than 500%.

Google Ad Campaign

Using demographics and ad retargeting, we used display advertising to attract potential customers and increased their website conversions, turning clicks into trips.

Twitter Campaign

Using our audience insights, we crafted advertisements for our target audience on Twitter and grew their follower count by 450%.

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