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New Online Store

Creeping It Real is a new retailer who needed a completely new website built from the ground up. We offered branding, website design, product sourcing, copywriting and technical development services.


Website design and development with WooCommerce
Graphic design and branding
Digital content creation & marketing


Web Development
Graphic Design

West Coast Fishing Boat

How we helped

They’d started on a new website but needed help to get it over the finish line. They had great photographs to showcase their work, so we put the pieces together and made it clear to readers what they are all about.

Creeping It Real is a newly-established retailer of creepy and kooky items for people who love Halloween.


We rewrote their supplier’s descriptions to be more fun and in keeping more with their brand voice.

Graphic Design

We designed a visual brand for their store that fits with their aesthetic. We created corresponding visual assets for social sharing to help with their future marketing needs.

Website Design and Development

We built the storefront using WooCommerce, and helped sort out the technical requirements such as hosting and caching.

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